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Hello Docusaurus!

· One min read

So, today I move my personal website from Hugo to Docusaurus (technically yesterday, because it's 12/26 now)

Actually I have known Docusaurus for a few days. I saw this website at first, then saw one of my friend using it.

What it attracts my attention is:

  • Having dark theme natively

  • A standard theme that it's just the style I like

  • Dinosaur is cute 😀

Personal opinions:

  • I would have trouble making decisions if there are too many themes like Hugo.

  • After I pick up one theme, maybe it is lack of some features important for me, like dark theme.

  • Then I fall into a kind of for loop choose -> drop, and waste much time.

After using Docusaurus what I find:

  • Documentation is clear

  • Using GitHub Actions is so easy (actually, it's my first time to use it)

Every static website framework has its pros and cons, I recommend giving all of them a try, and you can choose what meet your requirements.

Finally, hello Docusaurus! 👏